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Top 10 Trending Technologies

Change is the only constant. This applies in your professional life as well. Up-scaling yourself is a need nowadays, the reason is pretty simple, technology is evolving very quickly. I have listed top 10 trending...

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10 best Alexa skills for India

Amazon has thoroughly customized the Alexa experience for the Indian market. Amazon launched the Echo family in India at the end of last year, introducing the subcontinent to Alexa. The virtual assistant made its...


Top 10 Trending Gadgets Today

Technology has always evolved throughout the evolution of man. It’s just the concept, features, things it can do, what you can use it with and how it can make our lives better that’s changed....


Top 10 Most Expensive Apps in the World

All of us have a variety of apps installed on our phones, after all, they help make things a lot easier. There are apps for watching movies, listening to music, shopping, exercising, playing games,...